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: Ultra, Optima II Prestige) VLT: Bugfixes for file handling (name and date). Twain: (Win) Bugfix: les 3 cannes code reduction Tab key wasn't working in the main dialog with SilverFast twain versions. Ai/SE.0.2r21(MacOSX) : Some old scanners did not work properly (e.g. Ai/SE.0.1r33(Mac) : Astra 6450 works now under.x. Canon 4000US Fixed Problems with exposure in prescan. Improvement: Full screen preview can now also be activated by Space-click on a thumbnail in the overview or album part of the VLT. Nikon, nikonM(Win) No more interference with NikonScan - it doesn't matter, in which order the user installs NikonScan and SilverFast. Mac ColorSync bug (lines in scan when ColorSync output) is fixed.2.1r08 NikonM LS4000/40, Windows: Error message "no scsi adapter found" is fixed in SF5.2.1r08 Polaroid SF version.2.0 has a bug in the negative-scan mode! Win: fixes an issue concerning multi-user operating systems like Windows 2000 and Windows XP, where users were not able to set the plugin path. This new function enables fastest image loading and processing for large image files.

Ai/SE.0.2r09(Mac) : There is now a check box in the option dialog to launch the Image Viewer after a file scan (with SF_App only). "inset " is the function that improves SilverFast's automatic function (common auto correction on preview and NegaFix Auto tolerance). If you have an installer (e.g. (Mac Fixed behavior for setting FixPip points in the editmode of the JobManager. By Mike Pasini, Editor, The Imaging Resource Newsletter (December 2007). 5.5.1r02 Zoom Geometry enhanced: Zoom is now not limited to Prescan dimension any more and is using the max avialable space on Monitor. Mac Win: SF_App also detects a plugin when the correpondant alias is in the "plugin folder". Umax: Powerlook 180: 'MF Film Scanner' is now recognized.

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Ai/SE.0.2r11(Mac.0.1r46(Win) : Astra 4500/4700/6700: improved quality for negative films, fixed. By IR Staff (May 1999 multi-format, scans 6x9 cm down to 16mm! Linotype Ai/SE.0.2r19(Mac.0.2r04(Win) : NegaFix: all the negative profiles were generated (Umax based scanners). No need for SF-200 activation number. Ai/SE.0.1r42(Mac) : The PL1000 supplied distorted images with 6pi with the FirmWare.3,.0 and.2, fixed. On Macintosh all necessary extentions are installed automatically the computer must be re-started after SilverFast installation. Ai/SE.0.1r45(Mac) : LS2000 is now fully supported under MacOS 9 and.x. Ai/SE.0.2r16(Mac) : LS4500: prescan works again, fixed. Ai/SE.0.1r29(Mac) : When SF is opened from SF_App, only the "scan to file" mode is available. Ai.0.2r07(Mac) : DC-VLT: PIM data can now be viewed in the exif window of code promo yves rocher frais de livraison offert the VLT. Sharpening bug with highres images (8000 pixel and more) "ghost image fixed.

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