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pillars that are highly reflective. Why this is is never adequately explained. No saba que este foro era de espaa estoy tan apresurado con este tema que me met en el primero que. Errant Story has Tsuirakushiti the floating city.

The Floating Continent trope as used in popular culture.
An otherwise-normal place that s floating in the sky, often for no adequately-explored reason.
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The Trope Namer is Space Battleship Yamato in which one of these exists in the atmosphere of Jupiter, until the crew (unintentionally) obliterates it the first time they use the Wave Motion Gun. The stated reason, while functionally true, is not inherently necessary. In the same universe, there are the inhabitants of the Airspheres. The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes has a floating castle within World 8, the Sky Realm. The popular Minecraft mod The Aether is exactly this. Vivec, the Physical God after whom the city was named, managed to groupons tours stop its fall but he couldn't neutralize its momentum, so he more or less froze the moon in time. Superbia, the home of the International Ultramarine Corps in the DC Universe, is a city that floats over the remains of Montevideo. The (remains of?) the continent of Gracia in Lineage 2 after the Zealots of Shilen used the Seeds of Destruction and Seed of Infinity to destroy and mutate nearly all life on the continent, turning nearly everything there undead. There's no chance that it's just some random village.

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