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for the sake of building their stash. Plenty of hardcore bargain shoppers purchase extra copies of the newspaper to ensure that they have multiples of each and every coupon, and the cost of newspapers can add up over time. The people on Extreme Couponing might purchase hundreds of the same product for their stash or to divvy up for various causes. The goal is simple - get as much as possible for as little as possible. It sounds like these are pretty amazing deals, right? But to get the kinds of deals that the couponers snag in a show, youd have to devote hours each day to the pursuit of extreme couponing : gathering, clipping, surfing the Web for deals, and shopping. Most offer the store a full rebate, as well as additional funds for handling, shipping, and processing. She had.50 coupon, and the store happily doubled it, therefore allowing her to take the salad for free. Some shoppers even work the system so theyre essentially paid to take the items from the store, receiving credits, points, and vouchers that exceed the value of the items theyve purchased.

Grateful and considerate couponers use their coupons to get the best discounts without affecting other shoppers, while extreme couponers do what they can to stretch their money, regardless of how it affects others. You could do the same, right? That way, the store gets a heads up that youre coming in, which they will surely appreciate. Just remember that the stores featured on television might offer promotions during filming only you probably wont get the same deal.

Sure, sometimes the shoppers are purchasing items for an upcoming church supper, the homeless shelter, and stationed troops but this is not the norm. Unused and Unhealthy Products, seasoned couponers can tell you that it is possible to score great deals on healthy foods like produce, baking staples, and dairy, but its definitely not the norm. But unless you can use the product before the expiration date and its something healthy for your family, leave it on the shelf. TLC show Extreme Couponing.

After watching a number of episodes, I began to wonder whether Extreme Couponing is even close liste de code promo valide bein to depicting reality. Lastly, if you print your coupons at home, youll probably go through at least one ink cartridge per month, which costs around. If youre a reality TV junkie like me, youve probably seen the. When the manufacturers create coupons or stores offer promotions, theyre hoping to attract more customers, not offer a single person free product. Introduce yourself, explain which coupons youd like to use, and the amount of products you want. For example, in one episode, a woman wanted to buy bagged salad that cost. Think about it getting a bottle of ketchup for.50 is a great deal, but if that great deal entices you to purchase 30 bottles, youve just spend 15 on more ketchup that you may not use before the expiration date. What do you think of Extreme Couponing? Coupons are made for the casual shopper, not the extreme type. That definitely cuts into your savings, doesnt it? Hidden Aspects Behind Extreme Couponing, i readily admit that couponing doesnt appeal.

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