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you can receive 100 points of extra credit. Its easy to choose images for your postcard since you can select images from Facebook and Instagram. Students describe and plan a trip to another country.

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3-How will you get there? Des lunettes (de soleil). END OF term 4 le 29 mai La Journe du Souvenir Unit 7 Vocabulary List Questions Answers Vacation Terms Vacation Verbs Transportation Clothing Vacation Spots Sortir Partir Dormir Time Immediate Future. Assignment 3 : In assignment 2 you learned about a French-speaking country. Culture: Other French countries Vacation Verb Vocabulary le 19 avril le 20 avril I can say what I plan to do on a trip. Discuss what you do on vacations. 6-How long will you stay? Ask for the price?

For us, the biggest benefit was the availability to add your own return address to the card. N.CP.2 I can identify some characteristics of national identity. Assignment 5 : Time to overcome your speaking anxiety. Return to top Les Devoirs! Je prends aussi une rose alors. While the app works well art garden code promo on both iOS and Android, we wish you had the option to see the back of the card before shipping. Le 26 mai (A day) Last Day. 4-When are you traveling? 2-O est-ce quon va? Learn about rivers, mountains, and the different geographical locations of mainland France. Assignment 14 : unit exam review - Complete the review packet prior to taking the Unit 1 Exam.

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