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and through all history, Egypt has been famous as the Ntfr- sery of the Sciences, and the Emporium. Its combinations with earths and metals are called phosphurets. At the bottom of the pipe, near the water, another such valve also opening upwards, is ed tight within the pipe itself. Lapland and West Bottpia, iODts,.Sweden proper, itK et Hilleiiooei Golhland. Phi r Chi xr Psi r Omega 'X2/A6y«. The disposition.all matter to rush or fall together, is usually called attraction ; and 'is ' supposed, by Sir Isaac Newton and others to arse vfrom effluvia emitted from thcrespecftiTe bodies; Obs.

In Gallileos, however, only one eye-glass is need- ful. Most aDimah are provided with a coat f hair or wool for corering ; bat man seems to have been left nalied, and in many respects des- titute ; apparently, to serve as a stimulns to his industry and invention. Domy, geography, nayigation, and surTeying. ThUt all Httes perpendicnlar to the ground, plane, should be perpendicular to the gtoiind* line; and all lines parallel to the perspectiTe plane, must be drawn parallel tp each other « -, That all parallet Unes tneetf or hoDe tanish* 4ng points in some part.

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Animalcules are shaped like fish, reptilesi eels, stars, hexagons, triangles, ovals, and circles they have horns, prohosces. Madem Names, BOdiDBTia, Scandia, Tel " ' Baltia Norway, and SwedcD. 131 The top of a map is generally the north, the )ttoin the iouth, the right-hftnd is the east, and left-hand the west : except when these poiot/i indicated hy a compass engraved on the map, m the north is indicated by 9LJieur*de'luce. The energy of the stream, will of course de* pendon the power applied to force down tha piston and drive the water into the air-vessel. Hence, as any corresponding lijihi is compara- tiyely instantaneous in its progress, the distsnce pf the report of thunder, or of a piece of can- non, may be exactly calculated. The different distances, at which code reduction conforama livraison gratuite lensei produce ou a wall the representation of objects il called their /oca/ distance ; and it is the oeatre of the circle, of which the surface of the commoii double lens is a part. 2* A child, to whom the fonr first rales of artthmetie and the characters are known, may be made to onder- - stand this ; and I advise no female or yonng person to pass it as a difficulty. You can search through the full text of this book on the web at http: / / 1 f '.J 1 o-l. The scale of mountains should also be copied in like manner, and the lines of compar»f tive sizes deserve some consideration. Zeta Zfira Eta.r.'HT«. Butter is mad/ from cream by agititing it in a churn ; atid is the oiley part of the crenn, or a sort of a solid oil. Par the purpnse of arquiring a scale, the bulb is first plunged into melting ire, and the place where the li- quid stands Ls marked ; the bulb IB aflernards planged into boiling vater, and the same operation repeated.

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