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to discharge and temperature 39,. Journal of Evolutionary Biology 23: 21122122. Particular attention was paid to topotypes to ensure they fully corresponded to the published species description. 45 recognized two groups (laevigata and lobata) that were each subdivided into two subgroups (semicolorata and diaphana for laevigata, hybrida and alpestris for lobata; 68 ). This treatment preserves the morphological characteristics of the individuals, which can be easily mounted for microscope identification. Larvae inhabit well oxygenated, fast-flowing streams and rivers 35, including glacial rivers characteristic of the Alpine region.

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Acknowledgments We are grateful to Nicolas Salamin, Romain Studer, Pascal-Antoine Christin, Christian Bernasconi, and Benjamin Isambert for helpful discussions and assistance with data analysis, to Camille Marshall for comments on the manuscript, and to Olivier Broennimann for the beautiful sampling map. PCR products were purified using QIAquick PCR purification kits (Qiagen and cycle-sequenced in both directions using BigDye. Meanwhile, Sartori 34 proposed the hercynia group, closely related to the hybrida group, but characterized by the presence of dark spots on the upper face of the femora. Mitochondrial and nuclear markers were considered congruent when all individuals from one code de reduction psn ffx cox1 gmyc species formed a unique pepck clade. 4.3 Sampling effects on the gmyc Sampling only a small number of populations may lead to artificial clustering within species when using the gmyc procedure 66, 67, although there are several lines of evidence to suggest this had no effect on our findings. 2.6 Congruence of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA and morphology A majority-rule consensus tree of pepck was built in MrBayes using the complete data set including the Cinygmula outgroup under the selected best-fit model of evolution and partitioning scheme (see section.3). The number of individuals per morphologically identified species ranged from three (. Lorion J, Buge B, Cruaud C, Samadi S (2010) New insights into diversity and evolution of deep-sea Mytilidae (Mollusca: Bivalvia).

Soldn T, Landa V (1999) A key to the Central European species of the genus Rhithrogena (Ephemeroptera: Heptageniidae). Using allozyme electrophoresis, Zurwerra.

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