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mountainside climbs or gnarly surfing experiences. Breathtakingly Clear Video, if youre shooting for a code promo appareil photo darty demanding audience, look for 4K Ultra HD resolution cameras that keep the action looking as crisp and colorful as todays consumer tech allows. But its a new world, where drones with cameras open up exciting visual possibilities to the casual shutterbug. If youre looking for sweeping shots or nifty trick videography, use your controls to send the drone diving, darting, and flipping. Thanks to built-in WiFi, many quadcopters with cameras stream what they see to a compatible app on your smartphone, providing an instant look at the birds-eye view. Many models also have built-in image stabilization, keeping your shot smooth and free of blurriness or shakiness. Camera Drones and Quadcopters for Creative Video. Before the rise of action cameras, there was no easy way to get a first-person view of braving whitewater rapids or scuba-diving among schools of colorful fishor at least not without ruining your camera. It could be as simple as that frisbee you lost on the roof or as awe-inspiring as deer and antelope playing in a forest clearing. Groupon stands at the ready to help you join the fun, bringing you waterproof action cameras and drone cameras from top brands such. And sweeping aerial shots were the stuff of Hollywood movies, not home movies.

Not only that, but as youre enjoying your experience, you dont need to hold the camera, either; a variety of mounts lets you set up the camera on a helmet, bike handlebars, whitewater rafts, and nearly anything else you can think. When you send a camera drone soaring into the air, who knows what itll see? Alternatively, if youre making videos for social media or an audience of friends, stick to 1080p footage, which looks nearly as good in most situations. GoPro Hero3 Black Edition Action Camera With Wifi and Wireless Remote for 259.99 With Free Delivery (30 Off). Filmez vos exploits avec une Cam ra HD GoPro Hero 3 Silver ou Black Edition et ses accessoires d s 249,99 (Livraison incluse Jusqu 28 de r duction. All-new GP1 chip optimized for GoPro capture, hero6 Black delivers. Groupon n'a pas pu r cup rer votre e-mail depuis Facebook, or nous en avons besoin pour vous inscrire. Pack 24 accessoires de fixation ovni pour gopro. Visit the official GoPro site and find the world's most versatile cameras.

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