how do i cancel a groupon

to save money at restaurants, id eat at anyway. If youre not quite there yet, or if you find yourself going to torturous lengths to redeem (or simply to find time to redeem) Groupons that you probably shouldnt have purchased in the first place, maybe its time to take a self-enforced break from the. If youre curious about the expiration terms on a specific Groupon product, check it out before contacting code promo juien geloen their customer service team. Groupon Getawayss return policies are more lenient. When was the last time you spent money with. Resell It Online Theres a thriving market for unwanted gift cards, coupon codes, and social coupons including traditional Groupon vouchers. Then you can simply present the printed voucher to the business when you. I have paid to groupon and it has to be solved by groupon only.

Where can I purchase a Groupon Voucher? Unless youre an extremely disciplined consumer, or you just dont shop online very much, it probably hasnt been too long. I will have to escalate the issue if this is not taken care asap. If the merchant isnt feeling so generous, they might want to compromise. I was dealing with groupon and not with paytm. If youre lucky, you might be able to recover the full promotional and face value of your expired Groupon. I trim my dining-out budget by at least 100 every year with Groupons alone. If youre holding unwanted Groupon merchandise past the refund window, consider selling it on eBay, Amazon, or another reputable resale site. Politely but firmly ask to speak with a manager or owner, and dont give way until you. Sought-after items command premiums on these sites. This is one of the few times a traditional Groupon voucher can lose its face value.