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or Jute Spinning and Weaving (National) 2220 Jute or Hemp Spinning and Weaving (National) 2220 Knit Goods Mfg. (Texas) 3629 Roller or Ball Bearing Mfg. (National) 2065 Milk Products Mfg. Wall SectionsShop Drivers (Texas) 5437 Paneling Installation Drivers (Texas) 8234 Paneling, Plywood Veneer Dealer Drivers (Texas) 4250 Paper (National) 4250 Paper Coating (National) 4250 Paper Coating (Texas) 4250 Paper Corrugating or Laminating (Texas) 4279 Paper Goods Mfg. NOC (National) 4130 Glass Merchant (National) 4130 GlassInsulated Window Fabrication (Texas) 4130 Thermal Glass Mfg. (National) 0113 Broiler and/or Egg Producers Drivers (Texas) 2881 Broom, Brush, or Mop Handle Mfg. (National) 4583 Peat Moss Digging, Processing, and Packaging Drivers (Texas) 0016 Pecan Harvesting Drivers (Texas) 8102 Pecan Shell Bagging and SellingNo Grinding (Texas) 2014 Pecan Shell Grinding and Sacking (Texas) 5102 Pedestal Flooring Installation Drivers (Texas) 4432 Pen Holder, Crayon, or Pencil Mfg. (Texas) 8350 Oil CollectionUsedFrom Service Stations for ResaleNo Processing Drivers (Texas) 6213 Oil Drill Stem Testing Drivers (Texas) 3126 Oil Field Specialty Tools Mfg. NOC (National) 2660 Shoe or Boot Mfg. (Texas) 4250 Wallpaper Mfg.

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(Texas) 3126 Valve RebuildingService for Pipeline Refinery Valves (Texas) 3126 Water Meter Mfg. Fabricated Products NOC (Texas) 4452 Tile phalt (Texas) 4452 Vacuum FormingPlastic Products (Texas) 4459 Adhesives asticSheets and Liquid (Texas) 4459 Bowling Ball astic (Texas) 4459 Fiberglass Pipe Fabrication by Filament Winding (Texas) 4459 Fiberglass Sheets Mfg. (Texas) 4558 Wax Mfg. (Texas) 9016 Horse ShowOperation by Owner or Lessee Drivers (National) 9016 Horse ShowOperation of Facilities Drivers (Texas) 8279 Horse ShowStable Employees Drivers (National) 0083 Horse ShowStable Employees Drivers (Texas) 7201 Horse ShowStable Hands (Florida) 7205 Horse Training (Florida) 3146 Horseshoe Mfg. (National) 1472 Solvent Reclaiming Drivers (Texas) 1472 Turpentine or Resin Mfg. (Texas) 2501 Corset Mfg. (National) 4611 Extract rfumery, Medicinal or Flavoring Drivers (Texas) 3270 Eyelet Mfg.

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