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des Eaux on the stock exchange. 2014 Sale, partial conversion of exchangeable bonds into Suez Environnement shares. Historique des divisions de l'action engie (ex-GDF Suez) Date division Diviseur Commentaires Documents relatifs l'action engie (ex-GDF Suez) Exercice 2018 Exercice 2017 Exercice 2016 Exercice 2015 Exercice 2014 Exercice 2013 Exercice 2012 Exercice 2011 Exercice 2010 Exercice 2009 Exercice 2008 Exercice 2007 Exercice 2006 Exercice 2005 Exercice 2004 Exercice 2003 Exercice 2002 Exercice 2001 Exercice 2000 Exercice 1999 Exercice 1998 Copyright 'La Bourse pour les nains'. 0.00 -.00 Oui. This issue covers almost all of the shares held by GBL,.e. 2012 Sale, exchangeable bonds for Suez Environnement shares for EUR 401 million. More 2017 Sale, further divestment of engie, on 7 February 2017, GBL redeemed in cash the balance of the bonds exchangeable into engie shares,.e. These conversions generated a net code de reduction billetrie psg capital gain of EUR 141 million recognised in the 2014 consolidated profit or loss, EUR 47 million of which corresponds to the economic gain from the delivery of Suez Environnement shares, the balance representing primarily the reversal of the negative. Partial divestment of engie, during the fourth quarter of 2016, GBL disposed, at the maturity of the forward sales,.7 million shares for a net amount of EUR 572 million, generating a consolidated capital loss of EUR 11 million.

Dividende Engie (ex-GDF suez) - Prochain dividende d Engie

coupon gdf suez

Coupon gdf suez
coupon gdf suez

Throughout 2016, GBL repurchased 6,910 bonds exchangeable into engie shares for a nominal value of EUR 691 million. The coupon was detached on May 10th 2016 and scheduled for payment as from May 12th 2016. Total.65 2013, total.65 2012, total.65 2011, total.65 2010, total.65 2009, total.65 2008, total.65. Taxation of shares, which tax conditions apply to suez shareholders? Increase in the capital of Suez (8). An amount of EUR 306 million. 1998 Investment in Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux During the first half of the year, Electrafina invested some BEF 10 billion in Suez Lyonnaise des Eaux by purchases on the stock exchange and by exchanging the Socit Gnrale de Belgique shares it held during the Suez. GBLs residual stake in engie therefore stands.1 of the capital at (or 2 million shares). On May 17th 2018, the Annual General Meeting approved the payment of a dividend of 0,65 per share for 2017. En passant code promo 2018 la souris sur les dates d'annonces, vous saurez quels documents elles se rfrent. During the first quarter of 2017, GBL also sold the balance of engie shares underlying the bonds exchangeable into engie shares (i.e. As a result of these transactions, GBL's holdings in GDF suez on the one hand and in Suez Environnement on the other amounted.3 and.3 respectively.

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