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faster upstream and downstream speeds than earlier versions and in excess of 100 Mbit/s. Unidentified channel viewing Viewing to an unknown frequency as ascertained by DFM or tuner meters. Audio comparison method Technique of signal identification in which the code promo burton of london meter collects sample audio data from images displayed on the TV screen, which it matches against an array of known signals from a central reference source in order to establish the identity of the measured. PAL Most widespread global technical broadcast standard for analogue TV transmissions. Face-to-face interview procedures invariably entail some clustering of interviews at selected PSUs (e.g. AVI files contain both audio and video data in a standard container that allows simultaneous playback. Each statement contains information concerning (a) Start and end time of the viewing session; (b) identification of signal source and TV set being viewed; (c) identity of viewer; (d) coded demographic and other information about the individual's identity; (e) the individual's daily weight. Squeeze frame Method of squeezing the programme frame in order to make space for an advertisement or promo. Page (Internet) Document with a unique URL that comprises a set of files, which contain any combination of text, images, video and audio materials.

Tam discount code
tam discount code

715,504 vouchers for 7,900 stores, Updated on Aug 11,18. Cell-matrix panel control Panel control consisting of two or more interlocking panel variables. IBurst Also termed HC-sdma (High Capacity Spatial Division Multiple Access iBurst is a wireless broadband technology that optimises band width use with the help of smart antennas.

Confidence limits The lower and upper boundaries/values of a confidence interval, that is, the values which define the range of a confidence interval. Financed by the licence fee) and channels that are financed by advertising only blog coupons saint pierre or by a mixture of public funding and advertising revenues. CRT (Cathode ray tube) Traditional technology for displaying TV images on a screen by means of an electron gun firing electrons at a fluorescent screen. Uncovered viewing/ set use Meter statements indicating that the TV set is switched on, but without any persons registered as present. Booking airtime in autumn of one year for the whole of the following year). Search Hint : Type, cTRL-F to activate the search function of your browser. The superior quality of HD over SD signal quality also becomes steadily more noticeable with larger screen sizes. Timeshift recording Recording of live TV transmissions on video cassette or hard disc for viewing at a later time. EPGs may offer a wide-range of functions, such as browsing, genre or channel search, marking items for recording on a PVR hard disc, parental locks and. Ad impression (Online) (1) Any form of Internet advertisement that is successfully served to a users browser.

Google Verb denoting use of the Google search engine to find information on the Internet. Aerial reception Reception of off-air terrestrial transmissions by means of a collective aerial (matv) or an individual household aerial that may be located (a) externally (e.g.

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