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to back your claims. Best practice is written in a book, not carved in stone, and when it conflicts (short code versus readable code) then it's up to the programmer to apply their judgement as to which best practice to follow. Code rduction: Codes promo en ligne pour obtenir les meilleurs prix. There's a lot of answers here that address the technical pros and cons of keeping LOC down and whether or not it's a meaningful quality software metric. You also need to be a bit brave, because if you're being pressured code promo inscription direct energie to reduce LOC where you think it's unnecessary or inappropriate then it's only natural that you'd make the change anyway for the sake of a quiet life.

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Accueil Maison / Electromnager But, codes rduction But valides septembre 2018. Hi guys, Running Win 7 64 with Xl 2010, still getting into the flow of the code here. Again, you have to be prepared to justify yourself in a calm, rational way and be able to "own" the arguments you're making. Another advantage of shorter code is that it's more readable, though as you've pointed out, you can overdo it to the point where readability actually starts to suffer. The intent of advice regarding keeping LOC down is to avoid the creation of methods that try to do too much in one coupons la vie en couleur go, and to discourage the creation of "god classes which know too much about aspects of a design that aren't their direct. Range G8 " Then initialsArray(3) resourceSheet. Accepte un code rduction au moment du paiement.

Coding style - How important is it to reduce the number of lines in code?

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