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you buy a deal voucher, Groupon or LivingSocial gets out of the way and hands things over to a travel agent, or an online tour operator like Go-today or Great Value Vacations. I applied to Groupon because I knew they were hiring creative/writing/academic types in droves, he said. as Groupon swelled, so too did its ranks. It was a big chunk of change, but worth it in the end. And, he added, It was a great job to work at during the day while pursuing your artistic passion at night. Groupon was the darling of the tech industry at the time, but it was also just an honest-to-god income hard to come by in those days.

For a little while, at least, it was a really special place. It was something in the neighborhood of 200 for a few days from Tampa to the islands.

Coupons, the media crowed, had become cool. Want a nicer room? Suppliers pay Groupon a cut to use the service. It was like a continuation of college and grad school, Bean recalled. Groupon may not have turned out to be as successful as we all thought, she said, but there are a few television shows and movies that wouldnt exist without the support the company provided the comedy community. A few friends of his had recently jumped aboard the Groupon bandwagon, so he figured hed try the same. Check around to other booking services and directly with the hotel to make sure it's really a bargain. In my own experience, that translated to tons of company-sanctioned binge drinking, one slimy senior-level salesman who foisted himself on younger female coworkers with what we called Creepy Colleague Shoulder Massages, a blow-up doll dangling from the ceiling above the sales pod, and for most. We couldn't walk to downtown, but it felt like a true escape.

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