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hossz ideje prblkozott betörni az ismeretsgi hlzatok piacra. The options hash takes success and error callbacks which will both be passed (collection, response, options) as arguments. Added anges to Collection "update" event which includes added, merged, and removed models. Added getSearch and getPath methods to Backbone. Pop(options) Remove and return the last model from a collection. (2) bekezdsben felsorolt gazatokban vgez tevkenysget s a . . Rjuk t az ignyeket, ahelyett, hogy csak kiszolglnnk innovcis teamek szerepe a cgen belül az fmcg piacon a f szably: ha finom, megveszik, ha nem, akkor nem veszik meg az j termk tömeggyrtsra alkalmas legyen 2 vnl tovbb az j termkeknek csak 2-3 szzalka marad. Equivalent to instantiating a model with a hash of attributes, saving the model to the server, and adding the model to the set after being successfully created. StenTo(model, 'change nder opListening(other, event, callback) Tell an object to stop listening to events.

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groupon resze

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Wraps a row of data in business logic. If you're interpolating data from the model into html, using escape to retrieve attributes will prevent XSS attacks. Sometimes you'll create a view for each model. Note that using real URLs requires your web server to be able to correctly render those pages, so back-end changes are required as well. El A cached jQuery object for the view's element. Extend(properties, classProperties) To create a Model class of your own, you extend del and provide instance properties, as well as optional classProperties to be attached directly to the constructor function. Fetch, 10000 ve(attributes, options) Save a model to your database (or alternative persistence layer by delegating. 2013-ban ngy j magvet tkealap indult a Jeremie eurpai unis program keretben. Tartalomjegyzk A cg s a keresprogram neve a googol (10100) szmra utal. Perhaps the single most common JavaScript "gotcha" is the fact that when you pass a function as a callback, its value for this is lost. 3 A Kormny - a trsasgi adrl s az osztalkadrl szl 1996.

"remove" (model, collection, options) when a model is removed from a collection. The create method can accept either an attributes hash or an existing, unsaved model object. Js tools like ready. If you define an initialize function, it will be invoked when the model is created. All of these styles work well.