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to control and get pools sustainable environmental friendly, with tactile dashboard smartphone interface vocal cloud command. D05-005 Blockchain Blockchain Studio Blockchain Studio democratizes the usage of Blockchain technology for business giving the ability to any user to develop applications on Blockchain to facilitate transactions and generate new revenues without requiring technical skills. Big Data technologies impact Business Intelligence ecosystem and open a new era of opportunities. F08-001 AI Machine Learning AR VR Health Wellbeing IoT Big Data Mashup Studio Our company has created and markets the Mashup Table, a tangible, intuitive and fun audio/video editing tool, intended mainly for children from primary to high school.

The 1 filter-less, energy efficient, distributed ambient Air Pollution Abatement technology in a modular, multiservice smart platform integrating IoT AI to redesign the City of Tomorrow for a sustainable future together J44-016 Cleantech Energy Govtech Civictech IoT Big Data Positive Impact Smartcities iscleanair Chief Executive. Our flat and functional products help foodservice and retail businesses to provide their customers with convenient and sustainable meal experiences. CTSuite processes pay-as-you-go payments through mobile money so that water utilities can connect the urban poor to their networks.

Is a biomaterials company integrating science and design into textile production. C05-016 Connectivity IT Services Industry Smartcities VC Accelerators biomede Many cultivated soils are contaminated by heavy metals. Practical and geolocalized informations and a built-in reward mechanism increase its impact. L06-008 [email protected] Cleantech Energy Connectivity IT Services IoT Big Data Smartcities lunc lunc, through its trademark lunconnect, is dedicated to code reduction pour plopsaland week du 8 mai relational marketplaces, ads, dating, sharing and renting between nconnect developped a three-party solution in order to make the daily life of internet users easier and. The overall objective being to simplify the maintenance management in order to make the operators life better. Second solution : t SDK provides native encryption for web apps. J30-036 B2B Services Govtech Civictech Marketing Advertising Positive Impact Smartcities CibleR Engage and Skyrocket Sales. Kids Personal Services Retail E-commerce Car-Expresso A platform which connects private customers and used vehicle professionals, making it easier for customers to find what theyre needing, and for professionals to sell it to them. C15-029 AI Machine Learning AR VR B2B Services Coding Media Entertainment Kantify Kantify enables companies to gain a competitive edge thanks to Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. L01-004 [email protected] Future Tech Robotics Drones Smartcities facil'iti More than 25 of the population suffers from visual, motion or cognitive problems. H15-001 Health Wellbeing Luxury beautybyme BeautyMix is the Thermomix of Beauty: a complete hardware and software solution for home-made natural cosmetics.

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