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theme. Speaking from the outset of activity 311. One of my major objections to the paradigm word "acquire" is that it leaves too much to haphazard exposure, whereas the didacteme accepts that certain passages of language are dark and you need a candle to find your way. This is best done after a period of class brainstorming. Competitive monologuing - Act a monologue to an instruction (for example reading the play A Narrow Escape as scarily as possible). . 2 (cont) Common feature Name Structure Arginine NH2 hhnh NH2 protein Histidine HH2 Imino acids Proline H N nitrogen is reduced to ammonia.

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Exercises - written, can be transformed into spoken tasks. Then they return for another line. As learn their phrases. The degree of coupling between the orthogonal modes is determined by the probe depth. Write on the board a chart of dialogues, indicating the sort of content (angry denial, misunderstanding etc.). These might be from your set of "Classroom English". 2 facing lines for repetition or Q and A 198. Give the pupils 2 such vocabulary sets that are compiled with 2poems" in mind. (There are now 12 cards with "They are". The other children use a constant grammar structure. When the phase 1 reactant is a pure gas, no gas film resistance is involved.